1g/2g/4g/8g/16g/32g/64g/128g,usb 64gb,usb 16gb,usb 32gb,memory

1g/2g/4g/8g/16g/32g/64g/128g,usb 64gb,usb 16gb,usb 32gb,memory

Detailed Description
1) Drivers: only Windows 98/SE needs the driver
2) Capacity:/1G/2GB/4GB/8GB
3) Supports disk partition and secret disk
4) Certificate: CE,FCC ,ROHS
5) Quality warranty: 1year
6) High data transfer speed: reading at 8Mbps, writing at 7Mbps (depends on    PC parameters)

GoldKing (HK) Technology Co.Ltd 
contact person.selina liu
Tel:86 755 83683177
Fax:86 755 83647503
My blog:http://usbking082selina.blogspot.com/
Office:2921 B building Galaxy Century CBD  Caitian south Road Futian area ,shenzhen city,guangdong, china  Asia

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Product Origin: china
Model Number: jd
Brand Name:  

Contact Us

Company Name: GoldKing (HK) Technology Co.Ltd  China
Contact Person: selina liu
Address: Office:2921 B Xinghe century CBD  Caitian south Road Futian area ,shenzhen city,guangdong, china  Asia
Zip: 518000
Telephone: 86 755 83683177
Fax: 86 755 83647503
Website: http://usbking08208.ietrade.com.cn

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